HEMA is an acronym for Historical European Martial Arts. HEMA is a martial art, competitive sport and scholarly research discipline.

HEMA is a reconstructive martial art where the martial traditions of Europe and near Asia are re-kindled based on surviving material and archaeological resources. Sometimes also referred as Historical Fencing, HEMA greatly differs from modern (olympic) fencing with its strong emphasis on its martial arts aspect.

Armed or unarmed fighting, wrestling (“Ringen“), Armored (“Harnischfechten“) or unarmoured (“Bloßfechten“) fighting are all within the scope of HEMA, as well as fighting techniques with weapons such one-handed sword, two-handed sword, rapier and dagger. Research and interpretation of the historical texts and the application of these techniques against resisting opponents in a tournament context is a core tenet of HEMA. With its scholarly, competitive and athletic approach, HEMA can best be understood as a multidisciplinary endeavour.

Anyone who wishes to learn how to use sword with historical techniques can learn HEMA.