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Academia da Espada baş eğitmeni Maestro Ton Puey tarafından sunulacak “Montante/Spadone Tarihçesi ve Kullanımı” konulu Uzaktan (Online) ücretsiz sunum.

Dijital ortamda düzenlenecek olan bu etkinlik ücretsizdir.

Etkinlik Açıklaması:
A conversation with Maestro Ton Puey about the history and practice of the montante or two-handed great sword. He will cover both the historical role of this specialized weapon, and his own interpretation of the techniques and “rules” of the ancient masters. Maestro Puey is a the head instructor of Academia da Espada in Galicia. He is an internationally renowned specialist in Destraza, and the use of the great sword or montante. Message for the link, 12 noon (Eastern US time) on 9 May.

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