Bulgaristan, Sofya’da bulunan ve Miroslav Lesichkov’un antrenörlüğünü yaptığı MOTUS Tarihi Kılıç Okulu tarafından bu yıl 14.sü düzenlenecek olan geleneksel HEMA Eğitim Kampı duyuruldu.

28 Ağustos – 4 Eylül tarihleri arasında Borowez, Ela Hotel’de gerçekleştirilecek eğitim kampı ile ilgili açıklama şöyle:

“Dear friends,
The time has come for our 14th HEMA Training Camp!
Once again, we will have the opportunity to experience 6 days of intensive training, divided in morning and evening sessions, traditional archery, interesting seminars, and lectures concerning medieval weapons, historical fencing sources and other topics related to mastering Medieval European fencing art.
We will also have the chance to test our skills and endurance with our special fencing challenge – the Knightly Obstacle Course!
The event will take place at Ela Hotel in Borovets, which offers excellent conditions for intensive outdoor training, quality recovery and relaxation.
The training camp is suitable for people with interest in historical martial arts and sport, regardless of their experience. It is also suitable for absolute beginners.
We are looking forward to seeing all our friends and hope to make many new ones.
For additional information, you can contact us via social media, or at: [email protected]

Etkinlik kayıt formu: https://forms.gle/QqiBEWQDDVgEEDmF8

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MOTUS 14. HEMA Eğitim Kampı

MOTUS 14. HEMA Kampı

28 Ağustos 2022 - 04 Eylül 2022

MOTUS Tarihi Kılıç Okulu tarafından Bulgaristan, Sofya'da düzenlenecek HEMA Eğitim Kampı.

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