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Gürcistan’ın İlk HEMA turnuvası Wolf’s Head duyuruldu.

15-16 Temmuz 2023 tarihlerinde Gürcistan’da gerçekleşecek turnuva’ya kayıtlar açıldı.

Turnuva duyurusu:

As we promised, the nominations are longsword, saber in static, and saber in movement. We also decided to make mixed nominations instead of men’s ones. The mixed nominations are open for all participants.
The participation fee is 30 euros for every nomination. The payment requisites will be sent to your email after you apply.
Tbilisi opens its fencing gates to you and calls everyone who wants to participate. Look, it’s the first Georgian HEMA tournament, especially the international one. Of course, there will be other tournaments here and other fencing practices. But the first event can happen only once, can’t it? Don’t miss the chance.

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